Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

Recently, Vista Equity Partners (co-founded by Brian Sheth) made big news acquired Marketo. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective yet underutilized ways to promote a business. In order to maximize the success that your business can achieve, it is important for you to have a solid e-mail marketing strategy. This article provides several useful tips that will help you create or improve your e-mail marketing campaign.

Continue offering incentives to customers after they sign up for your email list. For example, give customers a 10 percent discount if they remain on your email list for a month. This keeps customers from losing interest in your marketing materials and unsubscribing or deleting your emails after just a couple of newsletters.

Don’t send emails to people who have not given their express consent. If you fire off unsolicited emails, the recipients are not likely to take you seriously. Some may dislike unwanted emails so much, they decide to no longer buy from you or work with you.

An email marketing campaign needs a design and testing phase, just like anything else. Plan on putting in time making sure that your messages get past all techniques used for fighting spam, from content filters to image blocking and java-script suppression. You can send out a million messages blindly and not ever know if they are even seen.

Get creative with your email designs to find out what works best. Send out a few emails with content and links that differ in their fonts and text color. Play around with image positioning, including buttons and logos. After you’ve sent the emails, find out which ones had the best click-thru rates. Stick with those for the time being, but change it up on occasion to see if you can find a method that works even better. More click-thru rates equate to more sales.

As was previously mentioned, email marketing is a very effective way to gain customers and to communicate with those you already have. When designing the format, think about what would grab your attention if you were thinking of buying the products you offer. You’ll be blown away by the quality of the results and how quickly they appear.

Potential Trends in Start-Ups

Chances are that you may have heard about Vista Equity Partners acquisition of Marketo. Tech startups are a popular division of investing for a multitude of reasons. There’s a need for new technology every day, and the potential of investing in something that could be an overnight multi-million-dollar concept is pretty exciting. The best thing to do is keep an eye out for some of the trending tech startups and search for some great businesses that could be a goldmine waiting to happen in no time at all. Do not know where to start? Try some of these up-and-coming divisions that are sure to make sparks in the investing world:

  • Augmented Reality – One of the dead ringers for today’s society. Pokémon Go has been one of the most talked about Virtual Reality concepts in the past month, so there’s no wonder that there’s interest in this field. If they can do what Niantic and The Pokémon Company just did, you’ll be drying your tears of happiness with crisp bills.
  • Location Based Services – This is also akin to Pokémon Go, since the game is heavily reliant on GPS services and pinpointing the location in which the player is moving. Distance is time is money, so if you wanna milk that cow, get creative!
  • Smart Grid – A new method of energy saving for the adventurous. There’s a huge shift to more economical methods of energy in many countries, so investing in ways to become a cleaner country not only looks good for our reputation, but can net you quite a bit of cash in the long run, not to mention potential energy saving in your own home, as well.

Additionally, there are a few more complex tech ideas for you to consider. One of which is autonomous vehicles, or the cars that get on the road without any human interaction. They are actually pretty cool; accidents on the road are minimal, and if they happen, more often than not it’s a human error! Gosh, science is amazing.

Robotics, in the same limb as autonomous vehicles, can be used for a multitude of things, including healthcare. From cybernetic prosthesis (a la Deus Ex) to robot helpers in hospitals, there’s lots of things for a robot to do, just to help humanity live a little easier. Compared to autonomous vehicles, robotics may be a bit more fluid and less niched in comparison, giving you a few more options to consider if you’re thinking of a tech startup.

Lastly, we’ve got a section called “internet of things”, and I’ll be a bit broad with this one, because it includes a lot of different ideas which seem to be geared towards general life practices, such as helping you take your medicine on time, home security systems, and wireless power! The internet is an excellent tool that has shaped a lot of society’s being today, so it’s no wonder why people are trying their best to bank on it and use it to the most of their abilities, so why shouldn’t you?

There are tons more options out there for tech startups that are blooming, and these are a small taste of what the world has to offer for you.